About Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat is an American artist, businesswoman and teacher who infuses Kundalini yoga technologies into the multiple aspects of her creative mandala.  Guru Jagat founded RA MA Institute, an incubator for new forms of community and unseen ways of artistic expressions revolving around applied yogic science.
With locations in Los Angeles, New York and Mallorca, Spain, RA MA Institute is a modern place of pilgrimage where individuals come to get inspired and pursue a deep experience of personal growth on different levels. ramayogainstitute.com
Author of bestselling book, Invincible Living, and internationally acclaimed women empowerment leader, Guru Jagat ventured into fashion in July 2019 with an eponymous capsule collection of demi-couture gowns presented during Paris Fashion Week. Guru Jagat Collection incorporates sacred geometries that are meant to uplift the auric frequencies of the wearer for an immediate feeling of well-being. Her commitment towards sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism, as well as her passion for the hip-hop culture led her to launch a second and most accessible street wear line, Robotic Disaster.
Guru Jagat’s take on fashion is primarily moved by the desire to enable everyone to have a spiritual experience by simply getting dressed. Both collections are entirely handmade by women in California following a slow and ethical production cycle that employs organic upcycled materials and natural dyes. Guru Jagat is designing in the present what is set to cause the next fashion revolution in the future.